Help & Support

BootWHMCS is an open-source WHMCS template written in Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome. With the use of a standardized framework and a font-set for icons then we create a very good starting point for any WHMCS integration.

BootPRO (WHMCS 6.1 compatible) is a WHMCS template just like BootWHMCS but with a number of changes, suitable for long term support in developments by QuadHost Ltd.

Want friendly urls on your WHMCS install? Try BootPRO, it's a whopping £6.50.

There is generally no support provided outside the methods mentioned on this page. BootWHMCS is open-source and provided to you free of charge to use at your own discretion. We are not responsible for any harm or loss in sales you might have due to the use of BootWHMCS.

BootPRO offers a updates subscription package to obtain the latest changes from QuadHost, custom developments with BootPRO are not supported unless carried out by QuadHost.

GitHub Issues

Creating an issue over at GitHub is the quickest and most efficient way to get your bug report solved.

If you already have a Github account, then simply head over to our Github issue list and create a new issue. If you don't have an account with Github, then it's very simple to register and get started.

Please only post bug, feature and BootWHMCS related issues.

General questions

If you have a general question, need custom modifications or changes done to your WHMCS theme (For a fee), or for some other reason feel the urge and importance of contacting us, then contact us.