WHMCS + SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URL's / Nice URL's make the links to your WHMCS pages look pretty and are easier to remember. WHMCS will by default turn your Knowledgebase and Announcements into friendly URL's. BootPRO will turn every page.

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Friendly URL's will allow you to easily convert every page of your WHMCS install into readable, memorable and user-friendly URL's.

How does it work?

Simply replace your current .htaccess file with the one you're provided in the download, and voila! You have friendly URL's. But this in itself will only allow you to visit the friendly URL's directly and see the appropriate page, most of the links in WHMCS are still going to the old URL.

Template modifications

With your .htaccess file comes a special BootWHMCS template, this template is a different version than the one you will find on github, but have all clickable links and buttons routing to the correct friendly urls. You can either integrate your WHMCS install with the fresh BootWHMCS files that you're provided, or alternatively you may edit your existing theme's URL's to be consistent with the friendly URL's.

Whats included

  •   BootPRO WHMCS template
    w/Bootstrap + FontAwesome
  •   Customized .htaccess


A ZIP file containing all the files will be made available to your account instantly upon activation. All orders are non-refundable.


Upload the customized WHMCS Bootstrap theme to your templates folder, activate it and replace your current .htaccess with the one provided.

Voila! All done.

Test it out yourself, check out the online demo.
Username: demo@bootwhmcs.com Password: demodemo


Got an idea for an improvement? Something spelled wrong or some code acting funny? Let us know by filling in a bug-report or fix it yourself and issue a merge request trough the official git repo.

I need help!!

It happens to the best of us! If you have any questions, need additional work or would like us to assist you with your integration progress, then please get in touch with us through QuadHost Ltd. we will help you out as best we can.

Both small and major tasks are welcomed.